• Aileen + Kevin

    An upbeat, Motown inspired wedding.

    This is easily one of the most fun weddings we attended. Aileen and Kevin love to dance and their Motown themed wedding truly captures their fun and outgoing personalities.

    The reception starts with the entourage walking in to James Brown while the bride and groom themselves ditched the traditional first slow dance for an unexpected well-orchestrated performance.

A passion for visual storytelling.

We all have a story to tell. We stitch beautiful moments together and give birth to a story. Relentless in our process, we’ve always believed that stories are art and the frames are our canvas. Come see our work.

We do wedding videos.

We are a small film company based in Toronto, Canada. Our passion is in telling stories of people, places, ideas and their purpose. We love meeting new people, gaining new experiences, and most importantly, telling the story of you.

You have me in tears! Simply beautiful – I cannot stop watching it. I cannot express how much I love it. Thank you for capturing these moments.
All our friends and family were so impressed with our wedding video highlights. Surely this duo captured our wedding memories that were so special.
I am so grateful to have these guys as my videographers for my wedding. Not only
did they do such a brilliant job on my wedding video, but they are very fun to work with!
Giancarlo was awesome to work with! [He] even took the time to listen and take note of our wedding theme and perspectives. They nailed our video [and] captivated us precisely as we imagined!

Meet Giancarlo
Howdy! My name is Giancarlo and I am the primary cinematographer, editor, and creative director at Giancarlo Studios. I love to learn new things and create pieces that touch, move, and inspire people.
Meet Grazielle
Meet Grazielle. She is in charge of my second camera and she brings a lot of experience and creativity to our videos. Her work has inspired me to explore the creative world of cinematography.